How We Make Rock iCandy


Ancient Tradition Meets State of the Art Techology


 iCandy combines the ancient art of candy-making with the latest manufacturing equipment and state of the art technology from Australia, to bring you the world’s yummiest candy ever! Secret ingredients are poured into a large metal pot and heated over a fire. It is slowly stirred with a wooden spoon until it boils. It is then poured out onto a cooling slab. Colours and flavours are added. Large coloured slices are cut out with jumbo scissors and separated according to their colours. Our master candy artisans work the candy mixture with artistic flair, deftly stretching and pulling it over a hook repeatedly. The finished batch is put on a warm table. The skillful candy craftsmen then begin a tedious process of delicately handcrafting the design by layering strips of hot and slippery coloured candy. Large pieces of coloured candy are put together to make the stripes on the casing of the candy.  This makes it into a giant piece of colourful cylindrical candy. It is then pulled and stretched out by hand into a thin roll and hand rolled till it hardens. Finally, it is cut into tiny bite-sized pieces of beautiful candy, sprinkled with a generous helping of passion, perfect to adorn all occasions, and  perfect to bring delight to people of all ages.

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Why iCandy?

iCandy Studio has magical elves that work hard to produce the most charming little pieces of candy. These are not ordinary candy. The elves have infused a moment of happiness into each piece of candy. So, each time someone receives an iCandy, it brings forth a moment of pure delight!


Our iCandy Story

Hansel and Gretel had learned that stealing candy is wrong. iCandy has made candy available to children (and the young at heart) all over the world. Now, they can enjoy colourful, delectable candy without worrying about being eaten alive by wicked witches in the forests.


iCandy News

The Sweetest News!
Congratulations, Jason and Miki, on your special day! May your love for each other grow sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

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