Put Your Brand on Everyone’s Lips

Ideal for your Corporate Events and Business Functions

Completely Custom Made with Your Company Name and Logo


iCandy is made by highly trained top notch confectioners, using the finest ingredients and state of the art  Australian technology. This exceptional product will entice your five senses and give you a burst of delightfully sweet experience that you will never forget. It’s the perfect door gift for your world class corporate events.

Giving away iCandy is a very distinctive, yet inexpensive way to impress the people that matter most, whether it is your boss, clients, associates, colleagues, staff, shareholders, customers or others. You can put virtually any logo or design on your iCandy pieces. They look charmingly professional, yet, are a refreshing surprise from the usual array of boring corporate gifts. We can custom pack them according to your requirements too! They make delightful gifts, and leave a lasting impression, as well as a sweet after taste!

Exquisite Designs, Delightful Taste

Brighten up your corporate events with iCandy! Your iCandy can be tailored to meet your specific corporate needs. You can choose the colour, flavour and design of your iCandy to match your corporate theme. There are many colours that you can choose from… mesmerizing blue, striking red, royal purple, refreshing green and many others. iCandy comes in many yummy flavours, ranging from all time favourites to some local surprises. Discover our yummilicious fruity flavours!

Add That WOW Factor to Your Business Function

Infuse a burst of sparkling colours into your corporate events! Beautifully customized, colourful and delectable, all candies are creatively handmade with love and handpicked with passion. Brands and messages are not just printed onto the packaging. Each iCandy is artistically handcrafted, with your corporate brand sculpted into the heart of the candy itself. These lovely and delicious little iCandy pieces are the perfect corporate gifts for your business functions.

Do give us a call. We have dedicated consultants who are ready to take your orders, and give attention to your every detail and specification.

Contact us @ +603 7865 4939 to discuss unique ideas for your upcoming events!




Why iCandy?

iCandy Studio has magical elves that work hard to produce the most charming little pieces of candy. These are not ordinary candy. The elves have infused a moment of happiness into each piece of candy. So, each time someone receives an iCandy, it brings forth a moment of pure delight!


Our iCandy Story

Hansel and Gretel had learned that stealing candy is wrong. iCandy has made candy available to children (and the young at heart) all over the world. Now, they can enjoy colourful, delectable candy without worrying about being eaten alive by wicked witches in the forests.


iCandy News

The Sweetest News!
Congratulations, Jason and Miki, on your special day! May your love for each other grow sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

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