Birthdays are a Reason for Celebration

Celebrate Special Occasions with iCandy

Your Very Own Personalised Rock Candy


Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, parties… every special occasion and milestone is a reason for joyous celebration together with family and friends! Cherish the love. Treasure the times. Encase those beautiful moments of happiness in your very own personalised iCandy. Share the joy with the people you truly love, as you pass around delightful iCandy pieces.


Share the Moments, Share the Love, Spread the Cheer

Every iCandy is a work of art and a labour of love. Celebrate precious moments with a gift of iCandy, as an expression of your love and individuality. Every piece of iCandy comes personalised with your very own design, from the colour, to the flavour and personal message that is hand sculpted into the heart of your candy. It comes in your favourite colour, your favourite flavour and your favourite design.

Liven Up your Event with Beautiful Sparkles!

iCandy comes in a myriad of brilliant colours. They make beautiful ornaments and decoration for your party. Put them together as center pieces, and they make quite a breathtakingly pretty sight to behold. You can choose whatever colour you like to match theme of your party, or to give the occasion a burst of colour and cheer. They make great personal gifts for your family and friends. And, they taste really good too!

Enjoy the Fun, Hear the Laughter!

We have a whole range of sensational flavours that are sure to elicit smiles, laughter and joy with every morsel of iCandy. You can choose from all time favourites such as strawberry and apple, or jazzy flavours such as lemon, orange and lime, or even interestingly quirky flavours like durian and banana!

They make the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it is celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of your life, celebrating Mother’s Day with the woman who nurtured you, or celebrating Father’s Day with the man who raised you. Brighten up someone’s day with a delightful surprise on special events like Teacher’s Day. And spread the cheer on Christmas! iCandy can bring home your message of love and appreciation for the people you truly care about.

iCandy is a gift from your heart, both fun and delicious. It is truly celebrating the moment, celebrating your individuality, celebrating YOU.

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Why iCandy?

iCandy Studio has magical elves that work hard to produce the most charming little pieces of candy. These are not ordinary candy. The elves have infused a moment of happiness into each piece of candy. So, each time someone receives an iCandy, it brings forth a moment of pure delight!


Our iCandy Story

Hansel and Gretel had learned that stealing candy is wrong. iCandy has made candy available to children (and the young at heart) all over the world. Now, they can enjoy colourful, delectable candy without worrying about being eaten alive by wicked witches in the forests.


iCandy News

The Sweetest News!
Congratulations, Jason and Miki, on your special day! May your love for each other grow sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

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