Our iCandy Story

iCandy Studio has Made Beautiful Handmade Candy Available to

People of All Ages the World Over


You no longer have to steal them like Hansel and Gretel, nor hoard them like Mr. Scrooge, the selfish miser. You can now freely share the love, the joy and the laughter with your friends and family. As the saying goes, “A joy shared, is a joy doubled.” There are so many fruity flavours available, you are sure to find your favourite among them. And… if you look closely enough, you might find your name on them too!


A Humble Beginning…

iCandy Studio started from humble beginnings as a tiny seed of faith. Nurtured with tender love and flamed with intense passion, iCandy Studio grew steadily over the years into an established and well-liked company.

People simply love these pretty little pieces of iCandy. It makes them feel like a kid again whenever they eat these delectable morsels. They remember the carefree times of their childhood. People from all walks of life take a break from the pressures and demands of life with iCandy, and savour a moment of delicious happiness.

Life, with its ups and downs, can sometimes be blissful, and other times, just plain bleak. In the good times, iCandy helps to colour your world with the colours of the fruits to make your joy complete. And in the sad times, iCandy offers fun & sweetness to cheer you up. iCandy is dedicated to spreading love and cheer around the world, reaching out to people of all ages, the young and old. We want to be there for you, to share your moments in life.

When Art Meets Technology

In a rare and remarkable instance, art and science fuse together from opposing spheres. Every piece of iCandy is a skillfully handcrafted masterpiece, produced using the latest cutting edge technology, adhering strictly to the global food safety standards. iCandy is made with only the highest quality ingredients, so that you get the yummiest burst of fruity flavours with every single bite. You deserve only the best!

The Perfect Gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift that will make someone smile, a special gift that is personalized with love, a fine work of art, a gift that is handmade with passion and handpicked with love, you have come to the right place. Get iCandy and make someone happy!

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Why iCandy?

iCandy Studio has magical elves that work hard to produce the most charming little pieces of candy. These are not ordinary candy. The elves have infused a moment of happiness into each piece of candy. So, each time someone receives an iCandy, it brings forth a moment of pure delight!


Our iCandy Story

Hansel and Gretel had learned that stealing candy is wrong. iCandy has made candy available to children (and the young at heart) all over the world. Now, they can enjoy colourful, delectable candy without worrying about being eaten alive by wicked witches in the forests.


iCandy News

The Sweetest News!
Congratulations, Jason and Miki, on your special day! May your love for each other grow sweeter and sweeter as the years go by.

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